About me

 "Growing up in a dysfunctional family resulted in many weekends spent with my grandma who was a seamstress and fashion designer. That’s when I adopted a love for fashion and jewelry. Playing around with her creations and pearl necklaces made me feel powerful. A year before I started BR I became a foster youth & I’ve struggled with my mental health and self expression. I realized the best way of showing up for myself is staying creative. I started BR in 2019 with the goal of creating pieces to make you feel beautiful and inspired. I want It to be a reminder that you're more than your past and that you're capable of anything you put your mind on. Everyday is a new opportunity to be your dream self and live your dream life."

"My designs are handmade here in my studio using high quality materials made to last. Creating a slow conscious brand is so important to me as I believe it’s my responsibility to create something meaningful and intentional." -Mariam